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Premium Moving Customer Testimonials

The following testimonials are honest statements from some of our many satisfied customers. Addresses, email addresses and phone numbers have been omitted for privacy purposes. Our Family Caring for Your Family!
The testimonials were scanned and converted to pdf format. Click on images to view the testimonials.

Premium Moving Customer Testimonials
patricia gPatricia Goode bergDennis & Susan

I want to thank y’all for everything.  Our move was great because of y’all caring and great employees.  From my first phone call Katrina was very nice and caring.  I never worried about a thing.   Thanks again!!!

Marybeth Lloyd

“Extremely Pleased with Derek and Jimmy”

Susan 12-20-2016

Nathan and Kevin have a great sense of humor and were a great help. A 5 stars move all around.

01/12/17 -Victoria

My family and I recently had the good fortune to be moved from one home to another by Premium Moving of Southport. From my first phone call to the company to waving good-bye to the moving team, nothing was less than a 5-star experience.

My initial call asking if my intended moving date was available was a surprise; there was no talk about a contract, or down payment, a cancellation fee or anything other than a friendly reassurance that our date would work, along with a confirmation date and time for an estimate to be done at our house, no charge, at my convenience. That appointment went exactly as I was told it would, at the time I was told it would take place, was handled by a pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough gentleman, and the estimate also arrived via e-mail at the time I was told to expect it.
Moving day finally arrived, and two large trucks arrived right on time, along with a team of 5 of the most enthusiastic, polite, pleasant and cheerful movers I have ever met in my life. To a person every single one of them worked at a fast, steady pace, communicated well with each other as well as my family, handled everything as a team, and somehow kept up an incredible level of energy and enthusiasm throughout the entire day. Brief breaks were organized and well-planned by the crew. Their good natured ribbing of each other seemed to actually inspire a healthy competition amongst them to work harder! They were literally running up and down staircases carrying heavy items, and yet they were safety-conscious and careful all day long..
I have moved many times, and I can vouch that it doesn’t get any easier as you get older! However, Premium Moving made this by far the easiest and best move of my life, and the crew they sent almost actually made it “fun”!
Laura Saunders

Yesterday, Eric and his crew moved our furniture from Omni Storage to our new home in Rivermist.   There were four ladies giving directions and making last minute decisions.    I can not commend them enough for the care they took with our furniture/boxes and the patience they had with all of us.   Eric takes great pride in his work and he and his crew did a wonderful job.

You moved us from McCormick SC last September and your crew then were also excellent.

I will certainly recommend Premium Moving to anyone in need of a mover.    Thank you.

Louisa Rose – July 22, 2017

I wanted to write to thank you all for sending Louis & Joe to help us with moving our household goods last week. We had some fragile things to move and they took such good care of all of it.  One piece of furniture was particularly challenging but they cheerfully solved the problem and got it to its destination with care and in perfect condition.  In addition, they were so very pleasant, polite, and professional that I just had to write and give those two a special commendation.  Thank you again for you help, we’ll definitely call you with any future moving needs.
Karen Hudson
What a delightful moving experience ( if moving is so much fun -not!). Seriously, your estimate was spot on and Eric and Joe were fantastic! Very polite, Strong, efficient and very helpful. They are excellent ambassadors for the business. I have already read your praises to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so.
Mike Sullivan

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Judy and Ron

We want to once again thank you super, job-well-done, last week in coordinating our move, ensuring everything went smoothly, and that nothing was damaged……

Byrl Lamoreaux

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Judy, I wanted to thank you and Ron and the rest of the TEAM that moved us from Arlington, VA to Southport, NC.

Bob and Michele

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I’m writing to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the way our move from Connecticut went. Our first contact was with Katrina. She was always a pleasure to speak with, she always followed through and her estimate hit the final price right on the nose. Chris, Jeff and Larry could not have been a better moving crew to work with. They kept in constant contact on the way up, they arrived when they said they would and they were very polite to me and all my neighbors. They worked hard and did a quality job. They were a delight to work with.

Congratulations on assembling such a great team. I’ll be happy to recommend Premium Moving to other potential customers.

Best regards,

Rich Vasko